WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As an intern, dressing the part can be quite tricky at times, especially if you get hit with the ever so confusing “business casual” response as your go-to guide for the dress code. Of course, you want to be fashionable while being as appropriate as possible, but the word “casual” keeps throwing you off and has you left wondering if you’re going to be too over or even worse—underdressed, right?

Well, this Fashionsta’s outfit provides the keys to making it all work in both an appropriate and seamlessly fashionable way. For starters, her simple black dress can be considered casual, but the loose and more flowing fit shows a bit of girly flare. Her blazer represents everything about business that the term “business casual” can offer. Every Fashionista needs a staple blazer in her wardrobe! It can be placed on top of any seemingly casual outfit—just that one piece can make all the difference. Lastly, the addition of tights and low heeled booties ring in the professionalism.

We all know that Fashionistas could never go wrong wearing all-black. This doesn’t change in a work setting either, but adding details like gold jewelry and a bold structured bag sends a great message. The subtle jewelry choices create the look that this Fashionista knows that she is at a place of business (which will make a great impression with the boss), while her bag shows her new colleagues that she’s fun and approachable but also very ready to work!

One Simple Change: Do you have plans with friends after work hours and need your outfit to translate easily from day to night? Two of the easiest tricks to spice up office wear are to simply switch the tights for knee-highs or dare to go barelegged!