WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

In college the question “what are you going to do for a job?” seems to be ever prevalent. When we are young that question is a no-brainer. A firefighter princess or a ballerina doctor. Duh. Now that we’ve grown up, the answer to that question is much harder. We actually have to think about the one thing we’re all afraid of: the future. Getting a job and entering into the “real world” is a terrifying thing. I am currently living off of SpongeBob macaroni and cheese, so calling myself an adult is stretching it. One way to prepare for that dreaded F-word (…future) is to get an internship in the career path that you’re interested in. Not as cool as a ballerina who saves lives, I know, but internships will teach you what you can’t learn in a classroom. Not to mention, they’re great resume builders for when you have to start looking for your first job.

If you want to make sure you stand out at your internship, obviously work hard—but dressing the part doesn’t hurt. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You may be running around the city with garment bags or fetching coffee for your boss but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great while doing it. Trust me, a great outfit and a positive mindset can take a person far.

It’s important to look professional while staying true to your unique style. This Fashionisto does an impeccable job of creating an ensemble that stands out but is appropriate for a day on the (usually unpaid) job. His internship outfit consists of a black speckled sweater, a chambray button-down and a pair of nice black pants. I love the chambray shirt underneath the sweater. It immediately dresses the sweater up. He accessorizes his look with a silver watch, metallic Dr. Martens and a pair of stylish glasses. These items add individuality without being over the top.

Getting an internship isn’t easy, so be proud once you’re on the job. Work hard and dress well. You never know, your internship may turn into a career.

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto’s black pants are perfect for a day in the office. Swap them with a pair of jeans to transform look into a perfect outfit for class.