WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

You spend your college career building a resume of pertinent skills in your field to land an internship. Semesters are overwhelming and time becomes pressed, leaving meager room for wardrobe planning.  It could take days to plan out an interview outfit for your internship. When you finally receive the news that you actually are the new intern, more planning is ahead. Now you need an outfit everyday you are in office. As a business intern, business professional attire is essential. This does not mean you have to sacrifice your style for professionalism. As most of us opt for a simple black, white or gray ensemble, this Fashionista exemplifies a perfect alternative.

During a winter internship, days can be cold, rainy and full of snow, leaving you stuck with the blues. While spring is not quite here yet, this Fashionista is calling for better, brighter days.  As she conforms to a more formal look in her black suit, her floral, pastel blouse is the winning piece. This blouse not only stands out in color, but also texture as the ruffles give dimension to her sleek and polished suit. With the addition of a colorful print, her style expresses a little more individuality than the traditionalism of her field.

One Simple Change: This intern provides a perfect look for the office, but not the class which may come after or before. For a more casual look, simply swap the suit for a pair of skinnies, a cardigan and flats.