WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Although summer seems far off right now, it’s about time to start thinking about a summer job. Yikes! Pull out and dust off that résumé that has been hiding in your document folder for the past six months, and let the job search begin! If your résumé is looking a little sparse, landing an internship is the perfect way to fill the empty space between classes and get you qualified for your dream job.

This Fashionisto is preparing for his future in politics with an internship in government work. Although getting your foot in the door and making a strong impression can be difficult, he believes having a good sense of style definitely helps.

Not only does being comfortable and stylish make you feel more confident, but it also makes you noticeable even behind the stack of files.

This Fashionisto always likes to be put together on the job because he never knows who he might run into. This look is perfect for his internship because it is laid back, professional and fun enough to show his personality. He tops of his beige slacks with this gingham button-up. The color-block pocket adds a unique pop of detail to the look. A sturdy but stylish pair of boots is important for traveling from class to the office. His watch from Michael Kors shows he likes to be on time and has good taste in accessories. This Fashionisto certainly knows how to mix a few drops of his personality with trusty business casual.

One Simple Change: Take this look from an internship to weekend wear by swapping slacks for jeans, and you’ll be ready for relaxation.