WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As someone who has just completed a couple internships, I’ll be the first to say that choosing what to wear to your internship isn’t always easy. There’s something slightly daunting about standing in front of your closet and realizing that everyone—your supervisors, their bosses, your fellow interns, office visitors—will look at what you’re wearing and see it as a small reflection of who you are. When it comes down to it, dressing for your internship should be a balancing act. You should be able to counter the professionalism of the look with a bit of youthfulness, you should look dressed up but not overly dressed up and you should always, always have a bit of your personal style peeking out somewhere. If you’re confused, allow this Fashionista to take the lead and assuage your worries as she steers you toward the perfect outfit to don at your internship.

What first drew me to her outfit was her pleated leather skirt. A leather skirt can be a risky piece to try to pull off, but the pleats and the length of the skirt elevated it and gave a sophisticated twist to an item that’s typically considered to be a bit edgier. She paired the skirt with an oxblood lace top which gave the overall look a softer feel. To take the idea of opposites attracting just a little bit further, she accessorized with a delicate pearl necklace, a beige beanie and a pair of thick gray socks under black boots. Her tasteful mix of hard and soft resulted in an incredibly cool getup that would be sure to impress any internship supervisor. And for your internship, keep in mind that you may have to be outside a bit to run errands. A cute coat and a comfy pair of shoes are absolutely essential for those occasions when you have to have to brave the elements to pick up coffee for your coworkers.

I loved that this Fashionista’s outfit was fresh and fun but still incredibly appropriate. That’s exactly what how internship apparel should be. Creating a tasteful and professional outfit that still conveys a touch of your own personal style doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And always remember that the more comfortable you are in your outfit, the more comfortable you’ll be at work—and then you’ll be all the more likely to completely kill it at your internship.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s look is perfect even when the workweek has come to an end. Just swap out the skirt and tights for your favorite pair of skinny jeans, and you’re all set for a laid back weekend.