WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Fashion junkies, are we not tired of the faux fur vest’s redundancy in fashion? The South is always just few paces behind in fashion because this trend was spotted back in 2011. But this faux vest was spotted almost every week at the Grove on the University of Mississippi campus. I guess us Southern belles are just now having our fun with this amazing trend.

This Fashionista came to the office looking flawless in her fur. Hidden on our UM campus is an incubator called Insight Park, and this Fashionista is a fabulous intern that graces its halls. This Fashionista manages to keep it classy but sexy at the office. Everything flows in this look. The fur vest helps to form a more hourglass silhouette, which the square shape of her top hides. The white skater skirt shows us that this Fashionista is ready for spring to make a comeback in this disgusting winter weather.

In this look, her biggest accessory is her ombré hair, which unintentionally blends in with that gorgeous vest. Her booties are the perfect bold color to accentuate the look. Her arm candy gives just the right amount of dazzle, and the watch gives a “Is it time for lunch yet?” touch.

One Simple Change: Of course, us nine to five girls can’t wait until closing time. To take this look from your demanding internship straight to a girl’s night out at a local happy hour, simply replace the skater skirt with a hip flaunting bodycon skirt.