WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Even CollegeFashionista writers know and understand that internships are a huge and important part of a college student’s career. These expand our horizons, dreams and grant us great experience. Good impressions and hard work leave lasting marks on our bosses and managers, which we hope will bring us the jobs we adore in the future. Internships make a degree more valuable and worth it, and this knowledge was not lost on this well-dressed, optimistic college student.

I met the lovely Fashionista as she was on her way to a social media internship.  She wears Banana Republic head to toe underneath her beige winter coat. She smartly layers her striped sweater over her blue collared button-up blouse, ensuring that the warmth stays in and the cold is kept out. Her black fringed scarf hangs comfortably around her neck and shoulders, emphasizing the light colors in her sweater and blouse. She happily posed for the camera and her larger-than-life personality shined through the pictures. Clearly, her internship has prepped her for the outside world.

She attends the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and is currently double majoring in film and philosophy while minoring in classical and ancient studies, which ties primarily into her philosophy major. Combining her interest in humanity’s many moral codes and the cinema, this stylish lady picked an internship in social media at an art studio to both familiarize herself with how people outside her immediate circle think and reason. Also, she wanted to explore how people express themselves through art—a different media from film, but important nonetheless.

One Simple Change: If the boss managed to get you an interview with a potential employer, simply clean up the outfit by tucking in the shirt.