WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

It’s the beginning of the new semester and you finally scored that internship you’ve been eyeing since last year. You knew you nailed the interview and now it’s time to show them what you can do. You even mapped out the quintessential coffee house around the corner for your future breaks. Having an internship can sometimes be tricky while also having schoolwork to focus on. Figuring out what to wear to work shouldn’t have to be added on stress, especially since your outfits can say a great deal about you. In my opinion, the “business casual” look is one of the hardest to accomplish. An internship can be a tough situation; you have to look professional enough for your field of work, while also trying to maintain (and afford) your college style.

This Fashionista displays the perfect professional business attire for her internship with an interior design firm. When in doubt, a blazer is the ultimate go-to piece of clothing for this type of setting. Her white camisole underneath is sure to keep the outfit simple enough for her internship. Of course, when an outfit is this simple, you’ll always want to add something to make you stand out from the other interns. This Fashionista has the perfect unique silver snakeskin clutch that makes those coffee runs a snap. Her dark wash jeans add a sense of femininity and keep the outfit young.

As almost any girl can attest, wearing heels or booties can make you feel more confident about conquering the world. Her black booties are a perfect addition while still keeping it simple. This Fashionista knows you can never go wrong with some red lipstick, her favorite monogrammed necklace and pearls. This combination is sure to make her bosses notice her.

One Simple Change: Got off work a little early to meet your friends for happy hour? Easy. Simply switch the blazer for a cozy cardigan or light kimono to switch from professional to out on the town.