WHAT TO WEAR: How To Rock Your Grandma’s Jacket

This Fashionista is starting the weekend off right with rocking this super edgy fall look!  The black silk romper under this vintage, quilted and oversized jacket is the perfect combo with the over-the-knee boots that have a little bit of a heel to them! I saw this look and instantly thought of Rihanna or Kylie Jenner. My jaw dropped to say the very least. All the accessories and the variety of textures bring this outfit together seamlessly.

Fall is always an exciting time to experiment with different styles and layers. Dark colors and denim are all the rage is this windy, crisp season. Leaves are changing and so are this season’s trends! Chokers and over-the-knee boots are going to be one of the biggest trends, I just know it. Plus, the denim jacket is always a quality autumn staple.

This Fashionista takes risks and finds the most amazing pieces without even trying! We all have that one friend who we go shopping with and they find the best stuff that you didn’t see anywhere in sight. It’s a gift! Not only does her style slay, her makeup game is always on point. Experimenting with vibrant colors and glitter is her specialty. Overall, the ensemble screams edgy diva. Everything is from different thrift stores and vintage shops; from the earrings to the boots! This look makes me want to rock my own pair of knee-high boots, grab a denim jacket and strut through campus like the strong independent women I am!