WHAT TO WEAR: How to Brunch

We all know that “brunching” has become a regular activity performed by a majority of college students on their weekend days. Brunch is not only a meal, but it has become an activity. As for any other activity out there, this meal requires a special attire. This article is going to give every one of you brunch enthusiasts an idea as to how easy dressing for this fabulous meal can be.

The Fashionista pictured above is dressed from head to toe in casual yet chic clothes that are guaranteed to stand out in those inevitable brunch Instagram photos. This off the shoulder patterned top provides this simple and sophisticated outfit with the fun, bright color pop it needs to keep it youthful and fun.  You can never go wrong with lace up sandals. This summery look can always bring an edgy twist to a fairly simple piece. Now it is time to talk about everyone’s favorite thing, accessories!! This particular look has been accessorized with some jewelry, a purse, and a pedicure that just so happens to match this bold patterned top! Now that’s what I like to call “having your life together!”

Brunch might be a complicated event to dress for, however, I want to end this article with some advice that has never failed me. Number one: Never go too fancy or too casual, but if you’re unsure always go more towards the casual side. Casual athleisure outfits have become more and more accepted in the general American culture because of the expansion and take-off of athletic clothing companies such as Lululemon, Adidas, and Nike. Number two: You can never go wrong with jeans and a cute top. And lastly, number three: Brunch is a fun and exciting meal, so dress in a fun and exciting way!