WHAT TO WEAR: Home for the Holidays

Have you been naughty? Nice? Maybe a little bit of both?

Any way you cookie cut it, the holidays are upon us and making it on Santa’s list is a time-honored tradition no matter one’s age.

For the one and only Kayla Forde, she couldn’t agree more.

It’s clear that as a college student, what used to be a season of sledding in the snow and toying around with new gadgets, has since shifted into one focusing on spending time at home, making memories with family, and binge-watching a new favorite Netflix TV series.

But while you’re in between episodes, you more than likely have a family function to attend. And while it’s sometimes hard to control our crazy clans, the one thing we can always count on is our closet.

After glancing at her impeccably put-together outfit, it’s clear that this Fashionista is ready for the family gathering and has definitely made it to the top of Santa’s nice list this year.

Holding onto her warm-weather wardrobe, Miss Forde has recycled a summery slip into something more suited for Chicago’s winter weather. By layering the snakeskin patterned, lace-adorned dress with a black turtleneck sweater, this woman is ready for the chill of both the weather and the wine.

She’s paired her slip and sweater with a pair of beautiful Topshop shoes. Detailed with black fringe and a bold gold buckle, she’s showing off her style to those who pass her by as she makes her way home for the holidays.