WHAT TO WEAR: Home for the Holidays

Congratulations, you just finished your finals! You’re slowly regaining your will to live and can start tasting the freedom that the last few weeks of the semester have deprived you of! Let the good times roll, right? Not so fast. Before you can spend a month at home eating Funyuns and watching reruns of your favorite TV shows, you need to go through the traumatizing experience of packing and traveling back to the motherland, wherever that may be for you.

The first issue at hand is trying to decide what to pack. If you’re like me, your inner hoarder senses will be tingling. You’ll hardcore over pack and end up running to catch a train (in the pouring rain no less), all while trying to make sure your arms don’t snap off from carrying all of the clothes you DIDN’T EVEN WEAR ONCE YOU GOT HOME…I’m sorry, I digress. To avoid over packing, it’s important that you only pack versatile clothing. Versatile clothing basically means anything you can wear more than once and in many different ways. Basics are great for their versatility. This Fashionisto has the right idea, as he’s sporting a pair of medium wash jeans, which are the perfect kind of pants to couple with a plethora of other garments. It’s also important to bring clothes that are weather appropriate. If you’re heading back to Hawaii, go ahead and grab your bathing suit and flip flops. This Fashionisto will be nice and cozy in his gray trench coat and durable, black Timberland boots.

The last beast to conquer is the physical distress of the traveling. Whether it’s by train, plane or car, you’ll most likely be doing a cringe-worthy amount of sitting. Either way, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes for your journey back home. This Fashionisto will be cozy, yet stylish in his gray knit sweater that has a spunky side zipper detail. An outfit like this is not only perfect for traveling, but also for looking your best at all of the social gatherings filled with people you may or may not care to see. Nevertheless, make sure you pack smart, but also stylish, because whether you’re at school or at home, you should still strut your stuff like you’re the reason why hundreds of thousands of people gather in Times Square on New Year’s Eve!