WHAT TO WEAR: Holidays

A day without class is a day to relax. But the laid-back vibes are destroyed when you have to go out. Exactly, that means leaving the pajamas at home. Sneakers are a must for those days when you just want to feel wild and free. Especially when the destiny forces you to face the busy streets. A pair of adidas Superstars is always the perfect choice: a classic model that never goes out of style. Despite the fact that white sneakers are a hot trend right now, I prefer the colorful ones. This Fashionista looks great her white pair, but she would look amazing with these ones.

On the other hand, a comfy outfit is not complete without an oversized item. This white t-shirt plays the role of making this Fashionista look relaxed. A neutral color with a soft texture, perfect for a holiday. Even though I’m not a big fan of skinny jeans, the light blue denim caught my attention. It’s not very usual to find this type of color in jeans, most of them are often blue.

Another great aspect about this outfit is the contrast between colors. The darker ones are perfectly combined with lighter shades. And, you can even find light in the dark side of this look. That happens thanks to the magic of leather: a fiber that never stops shining. A black leather jacket is another classic piece. Moreover, is one of the more versatile items your closet could have. They are not only ideal for many occasions but they are also great for matching many styles. Whether you have a rocker or sporty chic style, this type of jacket is your perfect partner.