WHAT TO WEAR: Holiday Party

All of a sudden fall has arrived—whether we like it or not—in the sunny city of Tampa. With the colder weather coming, darker colors become more dominant in fashion while long sleeves become an unavoidable outfit choice and flip flops don’t really cut it anymore. With all those obligations when picking out an outfit, especially with all the holidays fall brings on and as a consequence the parties they call for, picking out outfits can become stressful.

Whether you’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party or whatever else is on the calendar, this outfit sends a message. For starters, the lacey Free People dress this Fashionista is wearing with completely see-through sleeves stands out among the other outfits people normally put on. The black slip underneath pops with the all white lace and accentuates the small but perfectly placed cut out near the neckline of the dress. Furthermore, the high collar is essential to the outfit because it makes whoever is wearing it look polished but still fashion foreword, the goal when going to these types of parties.  To stay with the classic black and white theme, this Fashionista has on simple black booties that you can find at the store Aldo and a black cross-body bag with gold lining on the zippers.

So when picking out your outfits this fall, let your clothes speak for themselves. We strayed from jewelry and gaudy bright colored tight dresses and instead went back to the basics for this outfit, and it turned out perfectly.