WHAT TO WEAR: He’s Walkin’ on Sunshine

Here in New England, the weather is incredibly unpredictable—in February, one week you could see temperatures of 75 degrees and the next you could be snowed into your apartment alone with no working WiFi. Because of our dynamic weather patterns, in order to survive the elements in the Northeast, we have to learn how to adapt. You never really know what to wear because in the same day you may not be able to keep your hat from blowing away in the wind as your hair literally freezes on your morning walk to class, yet hours later you might be sweating as you move from building to building to catch up on classes and meetings because of how much the weather warmed up.

That’s why at UConn, every person’s best friend—when it comes to dressing themselves—is layering.

This Fashionisto is wearing an outfit on a warmer day with multiple layers that he could easily pack away in his backpack if he gets too hot then throw on when temperatures start to drop again. He had stored his winter coat away when I found him. We can’t forget about his favorite part of the outfit: his glasses. Then, he chose to pair a heavier leaf-patterned button-down to help keep him warm with a bright yellow blazer to brighten up his day! You can never go wrong with a pair of classic blue jeans, so he chose to wear a pair of simple all-black sneakers to keep it comfortable.