WHAT TO WEAR: Her Campus Life

Yep! There is no denying it, school is in session and it’s time for spring semester 2017. Aggie Pride! Many students around campus have their own exclusive style and look they aim for daily that sets them apart from the crowd. Being that this is the season where the weather fluctuates weekly, it can cause challenges for any Fashionista/o to remain on their “A Game”, but not this Fashionista! With her rare, unique, and inspiring sense of style this Fashionista caught my attention the first day of class! Whether just going to class or hanging out around campus with friends, this Fashionista knows exactly, “What to Wear!” Let’s take a closer look at what key items she chose to incorporate in her look.

According to this Fashionista, her simple, yet edgy laid back look is appropriate for class and campus life. It includes flares of her personality and her inquisitive taste. She nails this look with a black graphic T-shirt, a light pastel blue outerwear jacket, black jeans, and her rare white Cole Haan shoes. “I used to work for Cole Haan, so I love wearing their stuff and low-key showing off their brand. I just like taking small, different, and unique items and putting them together for a slamming pop out,” she said. This particular outfit was based off the weather and her Beyoncé graphic T-shirt. The fact that it is one of her favorite few graphic T-shirts that she owns, is what drew her attention, not necessarily the artist on the shirt. Although this Fashionista is looking to brighten her wardrobe, she is really drawn to black because its classy.

Due to the constant changes in weather, this is the perfect way to dress up a drab old graphic tee that you never thought would make it past the pajamas stage. By adding the light pastel blue outerwear jacket, it made this summer look stand out and suffice as a spring look. Black jeans keep consistency in the color scheme and her white Cole Haan shoes are added for that pop out. Let’s not forget that awesome choker necklace that ties around her neck with the rocking purple lipstick! Her awesome haircut also just completes the look! This Fashionista knows exactly “What to Wear” to make a statement and still be herself. She is definitely RAD!