WHAT TO WEAR: Haute Holidays

Is it just me, or has this fall season come and gone before a lot of us could fully enjoy it? It does not seem like the holidays are creeping around the corner, but they surely are. Tri-State area winter weather is among us all, which also means so is the best time of the year: the holiday season! Whether you’re going to a gift exchange, a Christmas dinner party or whatever else is on the calendar, this outfit will be in a couple dozen photos, so looking rad is a must.

This Fashionista’s friends and family don’t go too overboard for the holidays in order to be comfy and save room for those inevitable food babies, so she dressed semi-formal. This solid corduroy tank dress from the design lab at Lord and Taylor was paired with a festive colored crop top. To make sure her get-up remains holiday party appropriate and not too causal, she finished off the outfit with a major trend this season: her suede over-the-knee heeled boots from Steve Madden. She recommends adding simplistic jewelry for a girly finishing touch, but nothing too overboard that will take away from the textures and trends of the rest of the outfit.

The pictured ensemble is great because it’s also versatile. Adding a bolder colored undershirt and flashier jewelry can easily make it attire to go out with friends in. Want to go to the opposite route and dress it down? Pair it with flats or fashion sneakers like Adidas Superstars instead.

Holiday parties don’t feel right without looking fabulous so use your excuse to dress up and have a great winter break my fellow Fashionistas/os!