WHAT TO WEAR: Hats Off to Summer!

If you’re on the quarter system like DU is, you’re likely not starting classes until mid September. Trying to get all your last minute summer adventuring in is the main goal before heading back to school. Being in Denver gives you prime access to the mountains, cute little boutiques and also different towns around Colorado. One of my favorite things to do in Denver is hang out around Pearl Street. Pearl Street offers amazing restaurants and great shopping. My favorite boutique is Gracie’s Boutique and my favorite restaurant is Izakaya Den or Kaos Pizzeria. The best part is, Pearl Street is only a five minute drive from DU’s campus. If you’re looking to explore a bit more of Colorado, Pearl Street in Boulder has dozens of boutiques and restaurants all in one main shopping strip. My favorite restaurant there is Salt and my favorite boutique is Starrs Clothing.

Denver weather can be unpredictable so as fall starts to roll in I find it’s usually a good idea to carry around a sweater. A hat adds a nice, unique touch to an otherwise pretty plain outfit and can also provide protection from the sun or rain. Depending on the occasion and weather, switch out the sandals for some booties and the sweater for a light wash jean jacket. Or if it’s colder out and you like to layer like I do, wear both the sweater and a jean jacket. The possibilities are endless with a dress as easy to throw on and accessorize as this.