WHAT TO WEAR: Happy Medium

That time of year has come early for the East Coast. Whether you call it “sprinter” or just “the end of winter,” the volatile weather we experience between winter and spring can cause a lot of confusion, especially when it comes time to picking out what to wear for the day. What kind of outfit is suitable for subzero temperatures in the morning and warm rays of sun that arrive as soon as the clock strikes 12? This struggle torments many stylish college students on campuses across the country, but this Fashionisto seems to have it all figured out.

The most crucial key to dressing successfully for the transition between seasons is finding the happy medium between warm and cozy and cool and breathable. This Fashionisto chose a thick, cream cable knit sweater that is heavy enough to wear without a jacket but won’t suffocate him when the sun begins to shine. His modern dad jeans are perfect for any weather; the denim is simultaneously sturdy enough to keep the wind out and loose enough to allow the legs to breathe.

Our Fashionisto’s iconic Birkenstock sandals bring balance and a perfect spring twist to the outfit, reminding us that around-the-clock warm weather is on its way. In the name of springtime, his bright yellow backpack adds an unexpected pop of pigment to this otherwise neutrally-colored ensemble. He keeps it simple with the other accessories, sporting a couple of minimalistic earrings on just one ear.

Finding a happy medium between your winter wardrobe and your spring wardrobe is oftentimes a not-so-happy journey, but it can make your second semester a stylish breeze. When in doubt, reach for lightweight jackets, heavy knits, and lots of denim and remember that spring will be here in just one blink of an eye. Stay beautiful.