WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

It’s no secret that Greek life can be a pretty big deal in college. With 41 Greek sororities and fraternities on our campus, it’s pretty hard to walk down the street without spotting a student in their letters. Spring semester is a time for Greeks to bring out all of the philanthropy and frat tanks they purchased in the fall but were unable to wear due to unfortunate cold weather. However, it can be hard to find ways to rep your chapter without losing personality. This Fashionista caught my eye with how she flaunted both her sorority and unique style.

When it comes to styling sorority shirts, creativity is the best option. This Fashionista’s sorority put their own spin on the popular Brandy Melville “stay weird” top with this simple black crop top. This trendy design is a perfect way to look fashion-forward in Greek apparel. This type of sorority clothing has become very popular among Greek life, and inspiration comes from all different brands and designs. High-waisted printed shorts add both color and texture to her look; using a black and white color scheme allows for the purple and gray in her shorts to stand out and draw more attention. Her pockets fit loosely to create dimension and movement while white Converse high-tops keep things comfortable for a day of walking campus and sorority row. Small accessories allow her sorority shirt and patterned pants to be the center of attention.

There’s no need to bum it out in a frat tank—have fun with it! This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to include your own style while still supporting your chapter like the rest of your sisters. There are many options when it comes to sorority apparel, so look for chic logos or trademarks when designing your new bid day tanks and recruitment tees.

One Simple Change: Heading out to see your new favorite artist in concert? Swap the sorority top for a tighter black crop and add a statement necklace and you’ll be rocking out in style!