WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Coming to college, you find a lot of new opportunities and things to get involved with, one of the most popular being Greek life. With many style savvy girls wearing their letters around you it can be difficult to make yourself stand out. This Fashionista really grabbed my attention with how she represented her letters around campus without being “basic”.

One thing that immediately makes this outfit different is how she designed her sweatshirt. Using maroon as a fashionable yet versatile color allows her wear to wear her sweatshirt with many different things and in different seasons. Choosing a gold chevron is more unique than just a solid color and almost acts as an accessory. Using a black and white collared button-down underneath provides layers and a neutral pattern to add interest to the look. To keep the outfit comfortable she pairs the crewneck and button-down with a dark wash boyfriend jean. Paying attention to the accessories she wears a layered pearl necklace to pull attention to the detailed collar and the gold threads in the sweatshirt The heeled ankle booties bumps her up to comfortable chic and helps her strut her letters all over campus.

This Fashionista demonstrates some good tips on how to style your sorority best. Be mindful when you go to pick out your letter apparel and never be restricted by a crew neck sweatshirt. You do not have to be limited to a basic style! Show your confidence in yourself and in who you are representing.

One Simple Change: Plan on hitting the library after your chapter event? You can always tone down the accessories and lower your heel to a cute pair of low-tops or loafers to keep comfortable! You can style your letters any where, any way and at any time.