WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

So it’s spring semester at Syracuse University and you know what that means — SPRING RECRUITMENT. For all you non-Greeks out there, that means hearing screaming, cheering and clapping from 12 different chapters across campus for the first two weekends back to school. For all the Greeks, it means figuring out the perfect outfit to wear to make sure that you can impress all the potential new members as well as all your fashion-forward sisters. Once recruitment is finished, each chapter celebrates by welcoming all the new members home on bid day!

For the Rho Chapter of Delta Gamma, we love celebrating bid day with a bang. So when picking out your outfit for a fun and exciting look, try keeping it simple with a touch of neon or funky shoes. This look featured today by one of the juniors in Delta Gamma is perfect because it is both fun, fashionable and perfect for any exciting Greek occasion such as bid day.

Notice how this Fashionista adds some spice to her outfit with her bright pink socks and funky Converse. This outfit is extremely easy to move around in, which is perfect for running around in the snow on bid day to talk to all the new members. The pink and mint colored matched with the pink socks and shiny, leggings work perfectly together for a colorful theme and a neon hat along with the duck umbrella makes the whole outfit scream fun.

One Simple Change: If your chapter has a theme for their bid day, you can always opt for a more tame color palette instead or add any other costumes that you deem fit. Add a fur vest, patterned leggings or a funky necklace or boa and you are ready to show your school how to dress like a Greek celebrating bid day.