WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

At Allegheny College, winter serves as an exceptionally busy time for the members of Greek life, from the recruitment of new members to formal chapter and date parties. With all of these events come a lot of first impressions and the need of various outfit options, especially if you go to school somewhere cold. So what’s a Fashionista supposed to do?

Layer, layer, layer! Layering various pieces not only helps to keep you warm, but it also helps to expand your closet as well.

This Fashionista has created the perfect classy yet edgy look to impress not only her sorority sisters at formal chapter, but potential new members and fellow colleagues across campus as well. By layering her flannel with a blazer, she is able to express her more punk side while the blazer helps to refine her outfit, making it more professional. The addition of the simple, gold kate spade watch and pearls add elegance to the outfit without getting lost in the layers.

Her flared, leather skater skirt is feminine and playful, and it adds a great textural contrast to flannel. This Fashionista did a great job of not letting the seasons dictate what she wears; by layering her knee socks with tights, she’s able to stay warm and fashionable.

One Simple Change: After your busy day of classes, work and formal chapter, you and your friends want to go out to dinner at a small, local restaurant. Try swapping out the blazer and flannel for a crop top to create a more casual look. If you want to keep your layers, try a crop top under your unbuttoned flannel.