WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

The start of school is quickly approaching which means sorority recruitment is just around the corner! If you decide to take on the experience, it will be one of the most exciting, nerve-racking and exhausting experiences of your life but I promise it is 100 percent worth your while. Finding your home away from home is an adventure. Shoutout to my fellow Alpha Sigma Alpha sistas who are reading and can agree that this was one of the best decisions they could have made in college.

The first decision you make is to go through recruitment, the second: what to wear! Rain or shine and scorching heat, recruitment will go on and you’ll be searching for just the right outfit. You’ll want to stand out, show your personality and not look like you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Here are a few tips to the perfect outfit:

Choose a color that’s right for you.Something that complements your skin, hair and eyes will have you feeling confident! Choose a style that screams you. Do you girl! Add something personal.Do you have a necklace you bought on a family vacation or a belt you’ve had for years? Chances are sorority women will compliment you on something you are wearing and your pieces can become a great talking point if there’s a story behind them! Be comfortable.Trust me. The days are long and there’s lots of walking.

This Fashionista nails it with this look for Round 2 at Missouri State University. Her look is simple and sweet just like her! The color complements her skin leaving her glowing with confidence. This sleeveless romper style has her name written all over it. Its light, breathable fabric and loose fit makes it perfect for staying comfortable.

I love the way this Fashionista chose to accessorize. The gold necklaces amp up the look without the weight of a chunky statement piece. The gold cuff follows the mood of the necklaces and ties the whole look together. My favorite piece is the shoes. This Fashionista chose a ’70s-inspired shoe that added her own personal touch to the outfit, not to mention they are super comfortable. This Fashionista is more than ready for Round 2 at Missouri State.

The complete look can be found at Trinkets in Springfield, one of my favorite places to shop (and they’re online too). If you are looking for a style that is you, unique and fun, this is the perfect place to find a Round 2 outfit that’s totally you!

One Simple Change: Add a light summer blazer and you can easily turn this outfit into the perfect attire for a summer internship! You’ll be the best dressed intern in the office!