WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

March 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s nearly midterm time and I’m sure by now you’re already dreaming about spring break and laying on the beach for a week. However, for now, you’re stuck in the library staring out the window as snow falls. Or, if you’re like me and from Florida, then you’re constantly checking your weather app to keep up with the bipolar weather.

If you’ve ever met a guy in a fraternity, you’ll know how obsessed they are with giving off the most “frat” vibe possible. Generally, this consists of a lot of Ralph Lauren and boat shoes. I mean, it’s both classic and preppy, so I don’t have too many complaints. This Fashionisto has mastered the art of this look, so take tips from him.

This Fashionisto’s look is perfect for any Greek event from chapter to a philanthropy. His printed button-down is an essential piece to any guy’s closet. A clean-cut look starts to form once the button-down is paired with a pair of khaki chinos. The outfit is basically complete once he throws on a pair of dark brown leather loafers and a complementary pullover jacket. Ten out of ten would recommend this addition to any outfit.

To complete this look, this Fashionisto added a statement belt with anchor detailing. The dark leather accessory color carries through to the band of the watch too. A nice watch is such a necessary accessory and can easily add a hint of sophistication to even the plainest of outfits. Cool socks, although most of the time unseen, can definitely bring an outfit to the next level. Just knowing that you’re wearing Ralph Lauren or pizza printed socks can be such a confidence boost in itself. And we all know that confidence is one of the most important accessories.

One Simple Change: If it’s a little warmer out, trade out the pants for a pair of colored shorts, or, if you’re really feeling yourself, a pair of Chubbies. The long sleeve shirt is versatile enough to be worn with any sort of bottoms and is perfect for spring.