WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Homecoming is the most spirited and hectically exciting time of the year here at the University of Missouri. Especially because we pride ourselves on originating the whole idea since 1911. The weekend is filled with tons of events ranging from a parade, football game, and even a concert from alumni Sheryl Crow this year. With all of these things running through your mind, having an outfit catastrophe is the last thing you need.

I caught this Fashionista in Greek Town adding last minute sparkle to homecoming decor. With thousands of people flooding in for festivities, she kept it casually cute. This Fashionista paired a green jacket with jeans, tall combat boots, a cream shirt, and a dainty gold sorority necklace. The weather is currently in between warm and cold, so this is perfect for when the sun is beaming down a little too harshly or when you catch that chilly breeze. Adding the simple sorority necklace kept her from radiating Srat, yet still showing pride for her chapter. Whether you layer it with other necklaces, it exemplifies the greater things you’re a part of.

Homecoming weekend is never long enough compared to the hard work and time many organizations on campus put into making it so grand. You blink and it’s over. As the corny saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well I guess that explains how I’m so close to being thrown into the adult world.

Although I deeply understand that as college students we’re constantly tired therefore resort to the ‘I just don’t care look’, you never know who you’ll meet. Whether it be alumni who could potentially become your boss or be the connection to your career, the slogan ‘dress to impress’ really comes into play. This Sigma Kappa Fashionista did just that.

One Simple Change: Wanting to celebrate all of your hard work with a night out? Simply ditch the jacket and boots while adding some wedges and statement jewelry. Now you’re ready to celebrate the hours of stress you suffered through.