WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Let’s face it: A lot of people find it not so easy to throw on a comfy T-shirt and feel like you’re presentable. Though as we know, graphics T-shirts never go out of style: they are extremely comfortable and a great way to make a statement in a casual way. In college, there are a ton of different clubs, organizations, sororities and fraternities on campus, which equals a plethora of T-shirts.

Before I knew how to style a T-shirt in a cute way, they would endlessly pile up in my bottom drawer to throw on to go to the gym or change into after class. have no fear ladies and gents, it’s okay, because I saw the light and learned how to rock a T-shirt with confidence!

This Fashionista did a great job representing her Greek letters in a fashionable way by tucking her T-shirt into her black high-waisted jeans. Her tousled hair adds a certain nonchalance to her outfit and makes her look cool and put together. Throwing on a pair of classic high-top Converse allows this Fashionista to get where she’s going in comfort and style!

One Simple Change: Not in a Greek organization? Have no fear, I have the answer for you! Pair your favorite high-waisted jeans (blue, black or any other color you choose) with a cute graphic T-shirt to get the same effect. Grab a light jacket to throw on top of the look in case it’s a bit chilly outside, and you’re all set! You’ll make a statement in the easiest way possible.