WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

With formal sorority recruitment finally coming to an end, hundreds of girls have found their new homes away from home and plenty of new sisters to share their college experience with. No matter what house you’re in, you’ll need to find the perfect outfit to wear to formal dinner and chapter meetings. With this event happening every week, girls on campus will be doing their best to rush from class to meeting while still looking fashionable and appropriate!

I saw this Fashionista outside of her house ready to go in for the first meeting of the semester. The dress code for chapter meetings entails a business casual look that is respectful, or what many people call “badge attire.” This Fashionista’s advice was to keep it comfortable yet still fashionable and modest. Her plum dress would keep her cool and comfy for class and was loose enough to be considered modest and business casual for meeting. Before walking in she threw on a classic black blazer and black platform pumps to dress up her outfit. For accessories, she said she usually wears her sorority pin to represent her chapter in a beautiful way, but she also added a crystal statement necklace and matching ring to add some fun and sassiness to her look!

The best part about this Fashionista’s meeting ready look is how versatile it is for class and for other events as well. With a great pair of black, ballet flats and a simple necklace and stud earrings this would be a great look for a job interview or even a work day in the office! The dress is comfortable enough for her to walk around in and sit through a long Monday night meeting with her sisters. After a long day of hitting the books who wouldn’t want to throw on a simple dress and make an awesome fashion statement amongst your friends. If you want to get a look similar to hers try a purple dressblack pumps, a blazer and a statement necklace.

One Simple Change: Having a girl’s night out with your sisters later on in the evening? Take off the blazer, throw on some funky shoes and add a clutch for a fun girl’s night out look!