WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Walking through campus the first week back at school kind of feels like you’ve stumbled into a runway show at New York Fashion Week, doesn’t it? Everybody’s strutting his/her stuff in newly accumulated back-to-school attire, doing what they can to make their mark on the new school year. Week one means the clothes are on-trend, the hair’s on point, and the eyebrows—of course—are on fleek! However, as week two rolls around, the show tends to come to a hasty close. Suddenly, it feels okay to show up to your 8:00 a.m. class in last night’s pajamas. It’s okay! I think we can all admit we’ve done it once or twice—okay… maybe more times than we’d like to admit. However, I think there’s a better way to show up to class in your comfy cozies. In my opinion, the most acceptable way to roll out of bed and into class is to sport a T-shirt or jacket that shows some pride for the organization or club you’re apart of. Yes, Greek life, this means you!

Greek life is a huge deal at a lot of schools, and a big part of one’s college experience overall. If you’ve got love for your sisterhood/brotherhood, you should show it off as often as possible during these four short years. Plus, I think it’s safe to say that zero judgement will come your way when you’ve got the “I’m just showing spirit for my awesome organization…” excuse. However, be warned, if you are going to be representing your organization, you might want to add a few extra touches that send out good, positive vibes on behalf of your beloved sisters/brothers.

This Delta Zeta sista knows what’s up! First things first, let’s address her amazing mint colored spirit jersey. Not only is this such a great way to draw attention to her organization with the white letters popping against the mint background, but a spirit jersey is also one of—if not the most—comfortable pieces of clothing on the planet. Any sorority girl can attest to that. I like how she paired the jersey with leggings rather than sweatpants. Trust me, they’re still just as comfy…she could have slept in them. However, they’re definitely a better alternative to sweats because, with her jersey being oversized, the tight-fitted leggings offer a more balanced juxtaposition. Finally, let’s talk about her Nikes. Here is where this Fashionista takes the outfit from just cute and comfy to cute, comfy and totally trendy! Not only are Nikes as day-wear such a big trend right now, but these ones in particular are pretty next-level, with the trendy black and white color scheme and cool woven texture. These shoes are everything she needs to feel confident in her comfy cozies. This Fashionista is sure to make all of her classmates want to be a Delta Zeta too!

One Simple Change: Throw on a graphic muscle T-shirt and you’re ready to hit the gym in this ensemble!