WHAT TO WEAR : Greek Life

September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

With recruitment week starting, your sorority shirts can feel like the only shirts you own, so why not try to spice it up and make it your own? While getting back into the swing of school and recruiting girls for your sorority, your style should not be put on the back burner; especially when trying to make a lasting impression on potential new members. The way you accessorize can really make or break an outfit, so why not make it?

Depending on the shirt, you can style it any way you want. Wearing overalls is a trendy and cool way to spice up this black v-neck. I remember, as a kid, my mom dressed me in jean overalls—who would have thought this style was going to come back. Now, I love throwing on overalls instead of just a pair of jean shorts to really give any look an extra pop.

Another huge trend that has taken over are mirrored sunglasses. I think these are a great accessory to add to any outfit when walking around campus on those sunny days. This Fashionista’s unique sunglasses definitely complement the look. Who can forget those snake skin slip-on sneakers? When running out the door to class, instead of a pair of flip flops, slide into a pair of sneakers to add some pattern to your outfit.

When wearing your letters for your chapter, it’s important to personalize your look to avoid the entire chapter looking the same. While walking around campus it is essential to be comfortable, while looking trendy at the same time. This Fashionista had the perfect idea in wearing an outfit that is easy to put on and recreate! A sorority T-shirt, overalls, slip-on sneakers and a pair of your favorite sunglasses is all you need to look effortlessly cool around at your school.

One Simple Change: Swap the sorority shirt with a simple crop top to take this outfit from Greek to a chic outfit for a girl’s night out.