WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

It’s the beginning of the fall semester, which means new classes, cooler air, football games and sorority recruitment! This fall I decided to rush. Although, I am definitely far from an expert on Greek life, I have seen a few outfits that stand out among all the rest. On the first few days of sorority recruitment you will most likely be given a T-shirt from your school. Choosing the right pair of shorts, shoes and accessories for a basic T-shirt may be challenging, but this Fashionista nailed it on her first day.

This Fashionista used comfortable shorts and moderate accessorizing to complement her shirt on day one of recruitment! From experience, and I’m sure all of the other girls would agree, comfort is key on this long day. While you obviously want to look sleek and professional, a pair of nicely lengthened and loose-fitted shorts should definitely do the trick. Her navy blue shorts are professional, but still cute, paired with a thin brown belt. I think a pair of colored shorts definitely adds a lot to an originally bland outfit. Although wearing sneakers would be ideal, cute and comfy sandals are a must for recruitment. A simple watch or bracelet is perfect to finish off this look.

One Simple Change: My favorite place to get good use out of a nice pair of shorts is a nice brunch with family or friends. Switch out the T-shirt for a simple blouse and you’re ready to go!