WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

As you have probably seen over every and all forms of social media, most sororities are doing their formal recruitment which, more excitingly, means functions are about to become the majority of some people’s social lives. And might I add that these recruitment videos are super cute; my guilty pleasure is watching as many as I can find.

Usually right off the bat is a semi-formal, which is my favorite time to get dressed up with a classy twist. Semi-formal is so much fun because you really get to let your #RAD style shine through. From timeless all-black dresses to Free People dresses, at semi you’ll be able to mix and match any styles you want. Based off of its name, semi-formal is a little bit more dressed down compared to formal, but more dressy than your average functions. This also allows a range of styles which allows you to pick and choose what you want to rock that night.

This Fashionista chose a simple, classic red dress. It is a timeless look that this Fashionista cannot go wrong with. Because the dress is the centerpiece of this whole ensemble, she pairs it with a simple pearl necklace and nude flats. If you are feeling a little bit fancier, feel free to upgrade those flats to nude heels. This allows for an old-time classic look that the Fashionista can feel cool, collected and confident in the whole entire night.

One Simple Change: Swap out that pearl necklace for a simple statement necklace and change those nude heels for a cute pair of sparkly sandals and you’re all set for a celebration.