WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Around the country, guys and gals at college campuses are getting ready for fall recruitment for Greek life. The first week of class, it’s easy to already want to slack off and roll out of bed, but in order to make a good impression on potential new members, showing off your pretty little letters is key.

This Fashionista opted for a laid back, subtle way to flaunt her letters. With a mod PR sorority T-shirt she embodies a new trend in Greek life—cute, versatile and comfy T-shirts  as opposed to the stiff and forward letter shirts seen so frequently around campus. With this trendy option, she looks put together without looking like she tried too hard.

She completed her look with simple black drawstring shorts. Because of the flowy, oversized element of the shirt, she chose to tuck the top in in order to show off her waistline and avoid looking frumpy. Casual black sandals and a sorority tote bag kept her look casual and practical. With long distances to walk on campus, comfortable shoes are essential. Tote bags are a great alternative to the typical backpack because they allow for easier access to school essentials and personal needs versus a zipped up pack.

When flaunting your letters for your chapter, it’s important to personalize your look to avoid looking like a minion. This Fashionista personalized her look with charm bangles and a tortoise watch. The mermaid charm bangle specifically adds her personal taste to the look.

One Simple Change: Swap out the PR sorority T-shirt for a flowy blouse and tuck in the blouse to be picture perfect for a class presentation. Black shorts are the perfect piece to build off of for a dressier occasion and are more practical for campus and class activities than your typical dress or skirt outfit.