WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Greek life is something that I have been a part of for two years now; I must say it is one of the better decisions I have made throughout my college career. Although it is certainly worth it in the end, going through sorority recruitment is one of the most terrifying experiences. Having the right outfit can help show off your personality and make you feel more at ease in a stressful situation.

Rompers are perfect for recruitment because they are dressy and comfortable. Weather is rather unpredictable in the late summer months, so dresses can fly up with no warning and leave you in an awkward situation. This Fashionista is sporting a neutral romper with gorgeous details and patterns. The pop of color in her bracelet makes an unforgettable statement. Details are extremely crucial during recruitment because they help sorority women remember you. A fabulous outfit helps match a face to a name in a sea of potential new members. Not only will a great outfit help you leave your mark, it can start a conversation. Talking to new people can be stressful, but most women are fluent in the language of accessories. Sporting a big statement necklace like this one can bring up a memorable conversation about your personal style.

Shoe choice is crucial while getting ready for recruitment. You are walking up and down stairs, in and out of a bus and through a sea of women. Choosing shoes that are easy to walk in is so important. I always suggest wedges because they are so easy to walk in but make a big statement when you enter a room. Trust me, there is nothing more off putting than a girl who can’t move in her heels! Pick a pair that make you feel confident and comfortable.

One Simple Change: Always keep extra accessories and shoes back at home base with your group leader. Recruitment is a fast pace process and accidents happen. I have seen necklaces break and girls who can no longer walk after being in tall heels all day. Keeping flat shoes and a back up accessory can help you pull your look back together in no time!