WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

As in all sororities, girls always try to find a reason to craft, decorate and celebrate each other. Senior celebration week is a tradition in Greek life. It’s the week when we celebrate our seniors that are about to graduate. It’s the week to spoil them with gifts and candy without feeling guilty. Every day of the week, we plan something different for them. For example, one day, they will come back to a decorated room and a bed filled with candy. On another day, we will dress them up in costumes. Usually, this week is sealed with a nice Sunday brunch. That’s when we all have the opportunity to dress up.

In those kind of events—brunches and day conventions—always try to be classy. When you go to a sorority brunch, either if it’s Founder’s day or senior celebration, you always need to look nice/ The dress or the skirt you wear should be in an appropriate length. And your hair and makeup should be done and clean. Always try to be girly with a summer dress or a cute romper with wedges or heels. Never go with something too glittery or something in neon colors. Pick pastel colors or flower print instead. To go on the safe side, white or light pink dresses will always work in your favor.

This week, I chose to capture two Fashionistas together. But it is not just for any reason that they look so perfect together. They are each other’s big and little. In terms of a sorority, one of them is mentoring the other. They are both wearing white, flowing dresses with nude and brown wedges. One of them is more glam with her jewelry—a watch, bracelets, rings and a necklace, while the other is letting her dress to speak for itself.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this outfit to a different occasion? It is summer now, meaning that it is vacation time. Wearing a nice white dress with wedges after you got that tan on the beach will look perfect. This is a total look for a nice vacation evening.