WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Goddess

Getting involved on your campus can literally be life-changing. This may be a little cliché, but it’s the truth. Whether it’s your college radio, a sorority/fraternity or an intramural sport, these activities can bring you together with people you might not have known otherwise. Spending hours with these people working on something you’re passionate about can be stressful, but also some of the best memories you’ll have. So it’s no wonder we all want to show off what we work so hard on from time to time.

Sometimes when wearing your apparel from your club, organization or sport, you can feel a little boxed in when styling the item. I always try to ensure that my personal style is seen in everything that I wear, not matter if it’s a T-shirt or uniform. This Fashionista has found a way to rock her Greek letters in class whilst being sure to include a sprinkle of her personal style. She is wearing a navy T-shirt with gold letters. The shirt is paired with distressed mid-wash skinny jeans. I love distressed jeans; I feel as though they elevate an outfit in a way that regular jeans cannot. If you wear them like this Fashionista, they will not look sloppy, just casual and stylish!

Of course this Fashionista is killing it with the white Converse. Sneakers are a trend that do not seem to be going anywhere. Just walking down the street you will find so many people choosing sneakers over other shoe styles. I think the reason for this is because they are comfortable and can be paired with so many different types of outfits! She is also wearing a black leather backpack. This bag is functional and appropriately sized for the busy college student, while also being chic and trendy!

I hope every Fashionista/o can see that no matter what, your style can shine through every day!