As we all patiently await the permanent arrival of spring, we are forced to deal with the confusing weather that Mother Nature has sent our way. I wake up every morning wondering if it’s a winter parka kind of a day, or a tank top kind of a day. There are also those sad gray days in between when you can trust that the rain will soon turn to snow. On these days I would prefer to stay in my bed with my best friend Netflix, but instead I pick myself up and throw on a cute outfit to stand out amongst the bleak scenery.

This Fashionista knew just how to add a pop of color to a gray day with her hints of burgundy and red throughout her outfit. Her chiffon blouse paired with high-waisted jeans makes for a perfect pulled together outfit. The bow tied around her neck adds a playful, girly touch to her look. Whenever I want to look a little more dressy but still remain comfortable, I go for wedge booties. This Fashionista’s camel booties stand out with the oversize gold zipper on the side. The gold on her shoes pairs nicely with the gold accents on her burgundy bag. I have always loved big bags because I love to carry a lot of things around with me. I have learned that this can make my bag heavy, so it’s nice to have the option between having a cross-body bag or a bag with shorter handles. I love this bag because you get both of those options. To finish off her outfit, this Fashionista added a super cute jacket. While the jacket is big enough to get cozy in, it still shows off the Fashionista’s waist by cinching in the back. I love this touch because it is so easy to drown in big clothing while it’s cold, but this gives the best of both worlds. With this unpredictable weather it’s always smart to keep a jacket on hand. It’s even better if the jacket has a hood to combat rain or snow that could appear at any moment.

Don’t let a gray day stop you from wearing a super cute outfit. In fact, I’m here to tell you to save your favorite outfit for a gray day. In the right outfit nothing can stop you from conquering the world, not even a few clouds and some very unpredictable temperatures.