WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Whether it’s from high school or college, we all probably have several friends celebrating their graduation this summer. Graduation parties begin to fill many summer weekends. So many parties, but so little time to find the perfect outfit for every one of them. When you are in a rush to find a chic comfortable outfit for a graduation party, here is a good option.

Everything in this outfit can be found at Forever 21. The striped black and white tank top is the “centerpiece” of this outfit. The skirt, shoes and the hat are all based off the look of the tank. Due to the tank being a two color pattern, you can simply select basic black and white accessories so the tank top remains the main focus.

Denim jean skirts have seemed to remain a trend this summer. This Fashionista paired her tank top with a white denim mini skirt. Her crisscross faux suede sandals were simple and fashionable. With the black floppy wool hat being the only accessory, it really stands out and dresses the outfit up. Floppy hats can also be found at Nordstrom.

This Fashionista’s outfit is one of my favorites because one article can simply be changed to make it look like a new outfit! There are so many different ways to alter this outfit. Change what works best for your style. Don’t forget to dress your best at graduation parties this summer.

One Simple Change: Same day different occasion? Maybe you’re looking for something more simple such as weekend wear. Simply take the floppy hat off, tie your hair up and add some basic black sunglasses to the complete the look.