WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

It’s that time of the year again, graduation season! My Instagram feed these days has been filled with posts captioned, “We made it! (grad cap and heart emoji)” or “I’m so proud of (insert name) for graduating (insert school)” or something along those lines. I have been to many graduations this year and I have seen a variety of looks, but there is something about a simple dress and sandals that is super flattering and appropriate for the occasion.

Graduation is a respectful event, not really the place for Friday night heels or Saturday night sparkly strapless dresses. Depending on how seriously the school takes commencement, the dress code may vary. This is why my advice would be to keep it simple like this Fashionista.

She rocks a simple black dress that is cool for a hot June evening and is a little more formal than a simple cotton dress. In order to keep the look more appropriate, this Fashionista pairs the look with a comfy pair of sandals and some cute jewelry such as a personalized necklace and small rings. As a guest at a graduation, you don’t want to look too glamorous to outshine the guests of honor so a simple pair of sandals and a cute dress is the perfect look.

One Simple Change: The great thing about having a staple little black dress is that it is super easy to take it from a casual event such as a graduation to a formal. All this dress needs it a killer pair of heels and some more dramatic jewelry. Exchange the simple rings and necklace for a killer manicure and a statement necklace. Get rid of the sandals and grab a pair of bold heels in a fun color like red. I’m also a firm believer in the idea that your hair can completely change your look. Instead of keeping it natural like this Fashionista, twist it up into a fun up-do or curl it. With a little more attention to detail, you can take this classic look from graduation to formal!