WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

May 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Creating the perfect outfit for a special occasion can seem nearly impossible. With graduation season upon us, we are forced to face this dilemma once again.

Why not go back to fashion basics and let your accomplishments do the talking?

This Fashionista used a ribbed bodycon dress and nude block heel sandals as a clean slate for accessorizing. Block heels are a lifesaver for Fashionistas who may not feel comfortable walking in this style of footwear. The stable heel will make strutting across the stage at graduation a whole lot less nerve-wracking. Just make sure to keep the height at or below 3 1/2 inches for maximum comfort.

Let’s face it there is nothing fashionable about a graduation cap, but glamorizing it, like this Fashionista did, is the best way to turn this tragic accessory into something worth posting on Instagram. A quick search on Pinterest or Tumblr will provide plenty of inspiration if you don’t know where to start. This jeweled headpiece was not accomplished quickly, but makes it so much easier for your family and friends to spot you among the other graduates.

The most coveted accessories on graduation day are cords and stoles. The more, the merrier. This Fashionista’s cords each come with a story of an organization she was a part of or an honor she earned. Let it serve as an inspiration to get involved on your own campus, so that your gown isn’t bare on graduation day.

One Simple Change: If you live in a warmer climate and want to avoid black items for the summer, a white dress in a lightweight fabric would still provide you with a clean, simple slate for accessorizing.