WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

For many of us it is finally summer 2016! For others, it is graduation time! This scary, exciting, nerve racking but awesome day is both long-awaited and feared. After this day, graduates have officially stepped out into the real world, embarking on adulthood and pursuing a career. Such an important day requires a stylish and empowering outfit to get you through it.

This Fashionista opted for an outfit that is both sexy and comfortable to wear all day under her graduation gown. The low neckline of the bodysuit shows off those grown-up curves, and is complemented by long sleeves and a maxi skirt to show a touch of modesty. The maxi skirt belonged to the Fashionista’s mother, adding a nod to the “mama who bore me” (a.k.a. the one who supported her throughout the last four years of this emotional roller coaster we call a college education). Underneath the skirt, she is wearing a pair of fitted black leggings for extra comfort.

To add a bit of her own personality, this Fashionista wore a pink bandana around her neck. This pop of color will be visible when her gown is hiding her stylish outfit, and will help to stand out from the crowd so the parents can see her even if they are sitting all the way in the back of the stadium! Another hint of style that is visible when wearing the gown are the Fashionista’s black booties.

One Simple Change: Going from graduating to partying? Ditch the maxi skirt to reveal the fitted black leggings hiding underneath. This will give off some serious Sandy at the end of Grease vibes!

*Note: there are references to two different musicals in this article… Why? I have no idea!