WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

The countdown to graduation literally starts on a student’s first day of college. So when a college student hears the word “graduation” it is like music to their ears. This is one of the many special moments in a college student life because after graduation, people began to start a new chapter in their life. From attending parties to heading to grad school or either entering the work force, graduation always brings new opportunities.

This look is perfect if you are graduating or if you are attending one. I spotted this Fashionisto looking dapper around the VCU campus.This Fashionisto wore a white dress shirt, blue tie and black slacks, along with a hat, sunglasses and a watch to complete his look. He decided not to wear a jacket, which makes this Fashionisto look more relaxed, but casual. His hat and sunglasses are perfect for when the suns shines down on him while he is socializing with everyone outside. Let’s not forget about those fancy dress shoes as these stylish dress shoes go perfect with this Fashionisto’s look as they are high quality and are perfect shoes to wear for this occasion.

One Simple Change: Do you want to take this look to another level? You can replace the tie with a bow tie and add a suit jacket to make your outfit look more suave. Last, but not least remove the hat unless you are hiding a bad haircut. By following these steps, you will look like you just came from a GQ shoot.