WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

For us college students, it can feel as if we’ve been out checked out of school ever since finals week. Its somewhat surprising to think my younger friends and family members are still not out of school yet. But as their summer break approaches us quickly, I find my mailbox filled more and more with grad party invites each day. “What am I going to wear?” is often the first question that pops into my head as I try to fulfill the necessary requirements of this special occasion; formal yet comfortable—does such an outfit even exist?

The answer is perfectly showcased on this Fashionista! Not only is a little black dress essential to every Fashionista’s closet, but it is especially crucial for this summer during grad season because of its ability transform from casual day dress into an elegant classy look.

This Fashionista paired the black, short sleeved flowy dress with turquoise and gold jewelry, along with a fedora, sunnies and some bright neon nail polish to pull it all together. The bright jewelry contrasts against the black making it stand out and much more noticeable. The lightweight fit of the dress, along with her fedora and sunglasses will definitely be in her favor as the Washington summer sun beats down on everyone gathered for graduation. Furthermore, moving down to the shoes, these oversized gladiator sandals that go up the ankle are perfect for graduation party hopping because we all know how tiring walking around and standing on your feet most of the day can be. Lets have a round of applause for this Fashionista for executing the graduation outfit so effortlessly!

But whatever the event, the straight-across neckline of this dress makes it easy to pull off any sort of accessory from a small pendant to a long tassel to change the look of each outfit you’ll be sporting at graduation this year. The overall look is made to be formal yet still comfy and this Fashionista did a wonderful job balancing the two. The effortless flow of the dress and the color scheme along with the ease of comfort make this outfit one of my all time favorites!

One Simple Change: To switch your look for each graduation party you attend, simply just swap out and change up your shoes and accessories. Shoes can go from flat sandals to colorful wedges and change your layered pendants look for a bold statement necklace! Happy graduation!