WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

June 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Graduation is quickly approaching. Whether you’re a college student who will have a summer graduation or a high school student ending your senior year, one question you might have is, “how can I stand out in my graduation dress?” Look no further than this Fashionista! There are so many ways to stand out this season.

It seems like everyone looks for a white dress when graduating. This past month, white dresses have been one of the most common items purchased in the boutique I work at. While there are many different styles and silhouettes one can go with when deciding on what dress to wear, one thing they all have in common in the crisp white color.

One way that you can stand out at graduation is by pairing your white dress with a bright colored heel, wedge or sandal. I have seen so many white dresses and nude wedges at graduations. Try to add a pop of color to your outfit to give you that differentiation. You can also wear some fun jewelry like a statement necklace, stacked bracelets or you could even pile on the rings!

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to pick a dress with a texture or some sort of embellishment. A lace dress will give you a chic and sophisticated look. The dress this Fashionista chose has a lace trim as well, which gives it a little something extra that not every dress will have. She decided to pair her dress with a jeweled sandal. Not only were her shoes comfortable and easy to walk in, but they also stood out from the sea of nude wedges.

Remember that the best accessory you can wear is your beautiful smile. Don’t forget to show that off when you proudly walk onto the stage to receive your diploma!

One Simple Change: To take this look to the next level, try pairing it with a fun strappy heel and a cute bag for a chic look when going out with friends after graduation!