WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Summer has finally arrived and we all know what that means: bonfires, Ralph’s Italian ices, beach days but most importantly—graduation parties! What a better way to celebrate making it threw a tough school year than a party with all your equally relieved classmates? Graduations parties, as sad as this sounds, may be the last time you see certain classmates. So this means you need to look your best and make a lasting impression.This Fashionista knows how to dress perfectly for this occasion.

Graduation parties usually involve parents and relatives, so it’s important for young party attendees to dress appropriately. This Fashionista chose a high neck blue and white patterned dress with an added belt around the waist to give the dress some shape. The pattern is very interesting. It’s not polka-dots or crazy colors because those might give off a childish vibe. This intriguing pattern and royal blue color shows others you are a classy college girl.

To accessorize, this Fashionista chose two evil eye bracelets, one red and one white to ward off any bad vibes guests may bring. She also added a silver and Tiffany blue cuff bracelet that make a great combination with the evil eye bracelets. Her red bracelet was a perfect match to her red wedges. These peep toe wedges give just enough height with out trying too hard. The pale pink nail polish was a great idea so it wouldn’t distracted or clash with the red shoes or beautiful outfit. This Fashionista added the classic pearl as earrings and a trendy gold infinity necklace—simple and elegant. All of these accessories are perfect, and not too much. This dress has a lot going on, so too much jewelry would have distracted from the beautiful pattern.

One Simple Change: By throwing on a blazer this outfit can go from your best friend’s graduation party to your job interview. You’ve been kicking butt for the past four years and are ready to take on the real world. Good grades, extra curricular activities, a firm handshake and even your outfit are key to landing your dream job. A blazer hides your shoulder and shows employers that you are able to dress in a serious work environment.