WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Graduation ceremonies, graduation parties, graduation presents and what else? More graduation. This time of the year is all things celebratory for surviving those dreadful four years of high school or to congratulate those who are putting their big boy undies on because they made it through college and found a real job. Even if you aren’t the one walking across the stage to receive your diploma praying that you don’t trip and fall in front of hundreds, you are bound to know someone who is. Without having the cap and gown to hide under, you must have outfits prepared to wear to the many ceremonies and parties that you’ll either turn up at or sleep through. This Fashionisto keeps it trendy and dapper by mixing classic looks with bold patterns.

Combining a thrifted tweed blazer with skinny chinos and a floral button-down makes for the perfect balance of old versus new. This Fashionisto exemplifies how classic, well fitting pieces can be found at your town’s Salvation Army or Goodwill, which works well for us college students shopping on a budget! Mixing patterns of a similar color scheme is the norm for Chuck Bass, but this Fashionista shows us how easy it can be, even if you aren’t living in Manhattan this summer. A striped sock is a subtle, yet effective way to add creativity and a pop of color to any outfit this summer. By penny rolling his chinos, he draws attention to his amazing oxfords and also shows how to keep cool on those warmer summer nights.

One Simple Change: So you don’t have a ceremony or party to attend? Throw the blazer on a hanger in your closet, roll the sleeves of your button-down and add a pair of suspenders to master the casual look of the most dapper Fashionisto in town.