WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

When you’re a resident in Charlotte, North Carolina you do not really get to see much style shown all throughout the city that often, so when you do, you must appreciate it. I was able to catch this stylish diva after I attended Johnson & Wales University—Charlotte’s graduation, in Uptown Charlotte.

I spotted her outfit by the flow that took place while the wind was blowing up against her. As for details, in some of the pics she seemed flawless at the time; hair blowing in the wind, dress had a Marilyn Monroe effect and the shoes were just simply beautiful. She mentioned that she’s a country girl at heart; she played on the farms, grew up with all of the Southern hospitality and came from a little town named Barnwell in South Carolina.

This look is simple, chic and oh so stylish! One thing I always tell individuals is, “Each layer of clothing is a characteristic of who you are.” As for her, after chatting with her, she is a stylist and her favorite line to use on social media is “#iammystylist,” where she lets individuals know that she puts herself together very often. She explained to me how she never really matches that often and doesn’t really plan her outfits. That speaks volume, because I believe that style is an instinct.

The long, side-slit shirt was the main article in this look, the coral clutch added that amazing pop of color and the leopard print faux platforms were just absolutely smart to throw in on this look. Sometimes, to me, a print is needed in a solid look. I love minimalism, and a hint of a print gives off a very creative feel.

One Simple Change: For a transitional look, a simple leather jacket or a light, trendy trenchcoat would be great to add for layers and another effect into the look.