WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

It’s that time again, graduation season! The feel of accomplishments, degrees, family, friends and the future are in the air. Graduations are not only a time to flaunt academic achievements and awards, but they are also a time to showcase a collegiate’s fashion sense. Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike treat graduation as a time to show up and show out in their personal styles to say, “Mamma, I made it!”

I’m sure this Fashionista felt like the woman when she walked through the after-graduation celebration in this flowy white dress, so I had to stop her. While white dresses and graduations are almost as synonymous as white dresses and weddings, there was something about how this dress flowed that made it so stylish yet so effortlessly chic. The asymmetrical high slit in the front gave the dress some femininity, as opposed to just going straight down on the body.

The accessories paired with this dress really made the outfit come alive. The gold belt gave this Fashionista some dimension to her outfit and some shape to her silhouette. A neutral color, such as black or white, looks amazing when paired with a bright shoe for a pop of color. These coral heels were a great touch and really complemented the gold accessories in the belt, earrings and rings.

Lastly, to block all the haters who said you couldn’t do it or just to hide the tears of joy, this outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sunglasses. This Fashionista chose a round baroque-swirl-arms style of sunglasses to finish off her look. This type of sunglasses has been worn by many different celebrities, including Keke Palmer.

One Simple Change: Take this dress from day to (date) night with a few simple swaps. Switch out the coral heels for simple, black strappy heels and add a leather jacket for some edge.