WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

The end of the school year is over! For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, that only means another year of college is on the horizon. For seniors, though, the end of the spring semester means graduation. It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate yourself or the sibling, parent or cousin of one, it is a big day to celebrate. The end of an era for sure! When you are a freshman, it’s easy to think the days of dorm room living and dining hall eating are endless, but as the saying goes, time flies. Here at Temple University, you arrive as an eager owl, and when you leave, you spread your hard earned wings and soar. As the class of 2015 walks across the stage to shake the hands of their fellow alum and receive their diplomas, all eyes will be on them. With the addition of family and friends snapping pictures whenever possible, what you wear on graduation day is sure to never be forgotten.

On her graduation day, this Fashionista looked effortlessly stylish in a white sundress. Buttoned down the front with tribal red and blue stitching, the dress was a great choice for a celebration day. White is the perfect color—timeless, not distracting and symbolizing a time of change. Although not a graduate myself (three more years, thank you), I realized the key to finding a graduation outfit is being breathable! One can only imagine how thick the gowns are, so choosing something that will allow you to feel comfortable yet looks stylish—like this one—is important.

To prevent everyone’s worst nightmare of falling on stage at graduation (or is that just mine?), this recent Temple graduate wore a pair of black wedges. Since wedges are much easier to walk in than traditional heels, graduation is the perfect occasion to wear them. As for her accessories, this Fashionista kept it simple, wearing a small blue necklace, silver and blue bracelets and red nail polish—all accentuating the colors in her dress.

Graduation is a day that will be remembered forever, so it’s essential to wear something that you love and will be happy to look back on. Wearing a simple ensemble will guarantee smiles for years to come.

One Simple Change: Although this graduate won’t need this piece of advice, swap the wedges for pair of flats, and you’re ready for class! Sundresses are casual enough to wear around campus, and a pair of comfortable shoes makes that all the more possible!