WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

It’s finally here—the day you have been waiting on for four years. You’ve made it through countless sleepless study nights with your intense love for coffee keeping you sane, made tons of memories and have grown as a person in the process. You’re on the way to your dream job, but one final step of celebration is waiting, graduation!

It’s the day for your family and friends to celebrate your accomplishments, and you’ll want to stand out and look polished. This Fashionista knows exactly how to make a statement on stage. Her white dress is the perfect color for a summer graduation. It’s a conservative hue with a few pops of color on the collar of her free-flowing dress while remaining appropriate. You can easily switch out this decorated collar for a simple white dress paired with a statement necklace for a similar vibe.

The material of the dress is excellent for a hot summer day. You’ll be sitting through hours of speeches, so you’ll want a look that is as comfortable as it is stunning! The free-flowing material of this dress is just the way to accomplish the easily polished look coveted on graduation day.

The Fashionista’s strappy brown leather shoes stay true to her bohemian style. The heels are on the shorter side, which are ideal for walking the stage or field in comfort. (No embarrassing tripping stories for you, my little Fashionista!)

One Simple Change: Going out with friends after graduation to celebrate? Throw on a few bohemian bangles and some bright lipstick, and your look will easily transition from graduation-chic to a night out on the town!